The main project activities are divided into several groups.

The first of these provides for the establishment of national focus groups, with a focus on the sources of water pollution and stakeholders involvement in the waters management processes. The partners will produce a survey presenting in a popular version the problems of water management in the region in line with EU directives. The survey will define the role of NGOs in the implementation of these directives.

A dedicated project website with portal will be available on the internet www.cceg.ro/clean-rivers-clean-sea for information and training. A training module will be installed on the site to be used for training of activists and volunteers within the second group of activities in the project. They also envisage the holding of a regional conference.

The role of the Black Sea NGO Network is substantial in the third group of activities. In view of the experience of the organization in describing and promoting best practices of public participation in water management, it will support the development of a database of best practices and the holding of a conference for their distribution in Varna, Bulgaria. During the entire project an information and education campaign will be conducted with the purpose to raise public awareness of the problems of protection of waters and the Black Sea.