Clean Rivers — Clean Sea

The Black Sea NGO Network of Varna, Bulgaria together with partners from four other Black Sea countries implements the project “Clean Rivers — Clean Sea! NGO actions for environmental protection within Black Sea area”. The project is aimed at developing the capacity of the NGO community in the sphere of international water management and pollution reduction of the Black Sea. The joint action is funded by the European Union through the Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007—2013” and its total cost is € 587,000.The length of the project is two years.

Participants in the project are six non-governmental organizations from countries in the Black Sea basin. Beneficiary is the Eco Counseling Centre of Galati, Romania, working in partnership with the Ecological Counseling Center — Cahul, Moldova, the Black Sea NGO Network — Varna, Bulgaria,the Regional Environmental Centre — Moldova, Chisinau, the Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus — Tbilisi,Georgia and the Society of Natural and Wildlife Conservation —Samsun, Turkey. The Specialized Administration of the province of Rize, Turkey is associate partner.

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